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January 10, 2011


Amy L

Oh Pattie, I remember that layout! And this makes me sad that the magazine is no more!

Jana Morton

I subscribed to this magazine the entire time and was soooo sad when it ended...I'm hoping this issue could turn into more issues....this gives me a little hope and can't wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for all of the tutorials...I learned so much from these magazines and they are still in my basement and I love to revisit them.


I used to buy it at the newstand when I could even up here in Canada! Surprising that it's ended especially as digital is taking over the world! :) Love the layout as well.


I miss that magazine too - I only caught it the last few issues before it closed :(


Ahhh Pattie, what a great layout, and it would be so awesome to have a digi magazine back all the time. But if the "best of" is what we can get, I will definitely buy it.


I miss dsm soooo much!!!! Can't wait to see this one, Pattie!

Jen D

I really miss that magazine... here is hoping that the sales of this one opens a door for future issues!!!!


I miss that magazine too! Would love to see this edition!

Marilyn Schmid

How exciting! This magazine looks amazing! Good luck on this project!


As a digi scrapper, I was completely heartbroken when I heard that they were no longer going to be publishing "Digital Scrapbooking" mag. This would be a bit of a happy moment for me!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!


Miss it soo much Pattie! It was so fun while it lasted! I almost think it came a little "late" in my hobby...sigh. Wish I could do it again and hey!! Maybe I will someday :) My kids sure love seeing themselves in print from "back in the day"!


OMGosh, I remember that page!! I really miss the magazine and still hope that someday they revive it!! SYS.....Kathie

Mollie aka readstoomuch

Pattie . . you are the very one to carry the flag! I know that you are a big promoter of digi scrapping and have done so much through the Digital Scrapbooking Magazine . . . I just wish that they could have kept it open for all of us devotes! Mollie


How exciting!! Cannot WAIT to get my hot little hands on this!! WOOHOO!

Corinne L

I could not fathom Digi when I first heard about/saw it. Now I am most definitely a digi-girl.


How exciting - I will be looking for this in my local scrapbook store! Thanks


I wasn't digi scrapping yet when DSM was being published. I believe there are LOTS of people like me who started digi scrapping after the magazine stopped... I hope there's enough to bring back the regular digi magazine!


one of my favorite magazines!!! I was so happy to hear that CK is putting out a digital one! Yay!!!


how fun!
so many good memories from digi scrapping!

Mary Rogers

I am so excited!! I too have missed the magazine so much....I still cherish all my worn copies.

thanks Pattie!

Laurie Weber

I luved the magazine and so miss it, so when these hit the news stand I am hunting all over the place for them. I actually looked in the Wal-Mart magazine racks today, but didn't find it.... Gawwwddddd... was I totally bummed! Anyhow thank you so much for a chance on having one find it's way to me! :-)

Jennifer (littlekiwi)

I truly miss that mag too

Janet Long

How exciting, Pattie! I can't wait to see it in stores! I think this will help get a lot more people digi scrapping!


I'd LOVE this, Pattie! The best part of the CK issue every month is the digital part! It's what brought me to digi!


I miss DSM so much! I subscribed to it during the first year I was learning to scrapbook digitally. It was a Godsend! I learned so much! I am one of those who wishes it was published again!

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