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January 16, 2010


Katrina Kennedy

Oh Pattie. Your words are beautiful as is Christina. I cannot imagine the nightmare she is living. I too am having a hard time justifying the fixtures in my life.

I've donated. And will again.


Pattie, wonderful post. Christina and the people of Haiti have constantly been on my mind and in my prayers.

Angie Wags

My heart hurts for our friend and her country.


Texting now!! So sad. Also the orphanages in Haiti need so much help. Contact www.holtinternational.com for donations.


My thoughts are contstantly with Christina, your words bring tears to me for our beautiful friend and her homeland.


It's really hard to make sense of it. Christina is in my heart every moment. I believe we can all make a difference together.


Pattie, you brought tears to my eyes. The irony hit me when I spent hours watching the coverage on CNN and then decided that I couldn't take anymore and turned it off. I sat there thinking of all the people who are living it and can't turn it off. So sad for them. I've donated and will again when I can. Thanks for posting this. Susie

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