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September 08, 2009



Hi dear,

I am so interested n Photobook, & I need the course! but I am from middle-east, & some of my writing in my scrapbook designs n Arabic, does Shutterfly support that?
I dig deep in their site, and there is nothing! If I upload the page is JPEG file it will work or not?

Ruth Freitas-Brightman

This class looks very interesting! What are the dates of the class?

Jan Campbell

Hi Patti
Am very interestede in this class. As I live in Australia, was unsure if Shutterfly would post the books out. I contacted them several times but received no replies. So, I didn't sign up for your class! Now I have decided that I will just order a book from Shutterfly and hope for the bestr re posting it to Aus! Cannot find this class anymore - have been searching on the internet and came by your blog because i am a BIG DD fan and found the link to your blog there tonight. Could you let me know if you wil run the course again. Many thanks.
(Jaycee at DD)


What a cool class, Pattie! Love this idea.

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