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August 23, 2006



Ya gotta love these little people, don't you? They keep you going some days!


ROTFLOL ... and yes, I feel your pain too! What a shock for the little person ... hope you didn't tell them it would be ongoing for about 12 years? ;)


LOL!! What a cute story!!


That is so funny! My first grader is trying to get use to the everyday, all day thing too. He seems to be doing remarkably well this week though (knock on wood!).


Oh, how cute!
I'm not at the school and I'm so tired my hair hurts too!
Hope you are enjoying your new office :)


crack me up!! glad to see you blogging again my dear :)


You have a way telling stories, this is such a delightful read, all your stories are :D


Yesterday was our first day back too. I get the same response from my high school sophomore on a daily basis...."Do I hafta go back TOMORROW?!?!" (then there's her junior brother who looks forward to going back, and the 4th grader who only goes for recess..........what a group!)My hair didn't hurt yesterday, just what's left of my brain.

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