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August 08, 2006



LMAO!!!! I am a new reader but how much do I understand you right now? OH A WHOLE LOAD! My man is amazingly patient with me and how much I rule the house, he doesn't complain too much and I am incredibly lucky but he snores like a trooper! He hogs the covers, he flings his arms all over me, and keeps me awake! If I had bangs then they would blowing too hehe.

Mind if you share where you bought those brass knuckles from?


Oh my, Pattie, you are THE BEST storyteller! I could totally visualize your night last night! I have no suggestions, but I completely understood where you were coming from! Wishing you sweet dreams tonight...


I'm afraid I can't pass along any good advice to thwart the nocturnal musical production, but I can certainly empathize! I absolutely cannot stand having anyone else's arm underneath my pillow! Good luck if it's your arm because I'll swiftly remove it.

We did solve the stealing the covers problem, however. The trick is to have one common bed sheet that you both sleep under. Then on top of the bed sheet, you put his blanket on HIS 1/3 of the property and your blanket on YOUR rest of the bed. On top of the blankets, you put the comforter. VOILA! You will probably still experience stealing of the bed sheet, however you'll still have your own blankie to cover up those cute granny panties.

As for the brass knuckles...perhaps I can find a good street deal discount for bulk purchase? After all, I'm in Vegas and stuff like that happens you know? :)


I've started my day smiling ... BROADLY! Thank you for the giggle, Pattie ... :)


I love you, P. That's all. :)

love, me <><


Oh my Pattie, you have me in tears here! I swear you and I are in nearly the same predicament! My darling husband has a twist on the arm under the pillow/sheet stealing/bed hogging/snoring game. He flops around the bed like Shamu! I swear he makes me sea sick - of course sleeping on a waterbed doesn't help, but I digress. He continues flopping and flipping until he finds his "spot". Then things get calm and I begin to fall asleep, when lo and behold there goes Shamu again. I swear, one of these nights I'm making reservations for him at the local Holiday Inn. A girl needs her beauty sleep you know!

Thanks for the smile and for letting me vent! Hope tonight goes better for you. If you get a line on those brass knuckles, please share them with me - I'll try just about anything LOL!


Pattie, meet Couch--I've known Couch for several years now. Couch knows all about snoring husbands, don't you Couch? Couch, this is Pattie--she'll be visiting every once in a while from now on, I suspect! LOL!


LOL! Although it really isn't funny... lack of sleep is a bad bad bad thing....
Here's to hoping you have one really fine night of sleep! and if you get one... let me know how you got it... as I am dying for one... my problem is a little different I guess though... little guy who wakes up HUNGRY! and mommy reacts FAST as she is afraid he is going to figure out how to get out of the crib if I wait too long!

Feeling better....not sure what it is... stomach virus... etc... but hoping it goes away soon as we are traveling tomorrow and not back until sunday... and I'm even leaving my laptop at HOME!


And WHY is it again that you don't write for a living? As usual I'm totally riveted by your story, and sitting here LOL at 1:30am. My hubby isn't even that old, and he so does the store with the WHOOSH thing! It is horrible. No matter how much you love a person, it's annoying. He does work LOTS of hours every week, and I know he deserves to snore at night, but I still HATE IT!!!! I'm not a cuddler either. TOO DARN HOT!!!! Thanks for the chuckle!


I'm just jealous that you went 28 years without this intrusive bedtime behavior! I've been dealing with the blanket stealing and snoring from day 1!! You think you're tired, LOL! The only advice I have for you is to work on your reflex...as he starts to turn, GRAB QUICK..hold on to that blanket and pull! I've mastered this skill and can practically do it in my sleep! Good luck dear Lucy!


Oh my goodness, girl, you sure can tell a story! My sides hurt from laughing over this one. I have no words of wisdom on how to solve the problem besides one of you moving to the couch or another bed. However, I am selfishly glad that DH has these habits so you can provide us with our week's mood raising belly laugh!


OH MY GOSH PATTIE.. I AM CRACKING UP SO HARD.. I'M TEARING UP!! LOL! I would love to hang out with you.. I know how you feel about the sleeping thing.. when it's time for bed.. we literally roll to our side and keep it that way.. I don't even like it if his foot happen to brush mine! LOL!! And My MAN snores.. you don't understand.. he snores.. we've tried that breathe right.. you name it.. and the worst thing is when I hit him.. he does this jerk snore to only keep going louder and louder.. Now If I don't sleep before him.. I will NEVER sleep!!! HA!!

Oh my.. great read!! I will be back!!

Catherine S


You crack me up, girl! Glad I ended up linking to your blog for this fun one. My husband suggested that you get a bigger bed. *Ü*


Oh my... XD I treat my poor husband like this in my sleep! XD

Oh! I posted a LO using a SpeedByte! You can see it on my new blog: http://rememoir.blogspot.com/

Maegan Birr

ROFL! I was laughing out loud reading your post. Oh, I can sympathize with you. My husband too has recently decided he wants to cuddle at night AND his his a shifter. Ugh. I love the man to pieces but seriously, I need my space man!

Audrey Litfin

You had me just about rolling of the floor laughing, which wouldn't go over very well considering I'm at work. You tell the dang best stories EVER!!! I don't even have to hear a voice, the way you worded that was so vivid. And I can relate to the arm under the pillow thing with my husband. I wake up with a crick in my neck, then he pulls it back to his own pillow suddenly. Though I have had to share a room on occassion w/ a friend (that I play ball with) and she snores like a sailor and rips the covers away. Makes me REALLY miss my husband then!

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